The DIRECT project, financed by the European Union, aims at preventing trafficking in human beings, through a solid cooperation with migrants and refugees, and promoting the integration of third-country nationals presumed victims and victims of trafficking. The project is based on a solid partnership bringing together organizations working in Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Greece, that host significant numbers of third-country nationals and are receiving an increasing flow of migrants through the Mediterranean and the Balkan routes, hence raising the risk of human trafficking.

In light of the existing gaps in the Member States involved in the action, the project aims at facilitating the early identification of presumed victims and victims of trafficking, while promoting their socio-economic inclusion. To reach these goals, partners will provide: specialised training in trafficking in human beings to migrant-led Community-Based Organizations and front-line practitioners; empowerment, soft skills and vocational training to presumed victims and victims of trafficking, aimed at socio-economic inclusion and long-term integration; awareness campaigns directed at communities at risk of trafficking, to raise their understanding of the phenomenon and promote prevention. The project adopts a participatory approach, where activities are not only directed at third-country nationals, but co-designed and co-developed with migrant and refugee groups, organizations and networks. DIRECT will give voice to presumed victims and victims of trafficking, promoting their capacity to use and replicate deliverables in the long term.

The project is led by the Italian Red Cross, with Associazione IROKO partnering, alongside The Spanish Red CrossThe Netherlands Red Cross, The Greek Council for Refugeesand the International Rescue Committee Italy and Germany.

Project 101100899