Major victory in Europe : the EU Parliament calls on Member States to implement all the components of the Abolitionist model on prostitution

We’re thrilled to share this press release written by CAP International, a coalition of which IROKO is a member, which explains the recent victory at the EU Parliament.

The Report adopted by the European Parliament calling for the adoption of the abolitionist model in all member states fits perfectly with the Italian context where, due to persistent migratory flows arriving especially from the African continent, trafficking in persons for the purpose of sexual exploitation continues to be an endemic phenomenon.

The introduction in Italy of a full-blown abolitionist model that provides for the criminalisation of those who purchase a sexual service and concrete exit services for women in prostitution would mean not only putting in place a concrete action against  human trafficking but also clearly enshrining the inviolability of women’s bodies. It would mean putting an end to the prostitution system, which is a system fueled by social inequalities, exploitation and based on the disparity of rights between men and women.

The Italian abolitionist movement, therefore, will continue to strive for our state to implement in full the recommendations expressed by the European Parliament and will persevere in advancing the principle that prostitution cannot be considered a job like any other because it is detrimental to the dignity of the human being.