Major victory in Europe : the EU Parliament calls on Member States to implement all the components of the Abolitionist model on prostitution

We’re thrilled to share this press release written by CAP International, a coalition of which IROKO is a member, which explains the recent victory at the EU Parliament. The adoption of the Report on the regulation of prostitution in the EU: its cross-border implications and its impact on gender equality and women’s rights represents “[r]ecognition of prostitution as a system of violence, call to criminalise the purchase of sexual acts and pimping, decriminalisation and support for persons in prostitution via the provision of exit pathways: the EU Parliament has just manifested a strong support for the widespread adoption in Europe of the abolitionist model in all its components, and a clear rejection of regulatory systems that decriminalise and legalise the entire prostitution system.”

Read the press release in full here.