The media often speak about the refugees and asylum seekers crisis. But they rarely deal with what the female refugees endure during their journey towards the “promised land: Fortress Europe”. They are simply invisible. 

Janice G. Raymond, professor emerita of women’s studies and medical ethics, feminist, activist and former CATW Co-Director, was part of the last refugee mission in Catania with ABL, AML and Iroko to investigate the situation of women in the migration process.
The Mineo Centre – a camp for refugees, which is located outside of the town, bearing the same name – accomodates more people than its usual capacity and succeeding in providing needed assistance to the migrants and refugees, is an uphill task for the Italian Government. Many of those accomodated at the centre are female and most, if not all, are victims of violence, which they suffered during their journey towards Europe. They all live together with the other refugees and migrants waiting for their papers. Europe, however, continues to invest money on the border security, and does not give much attention to these women and their experiences.

Professor Janice Raymond’s artiche gives us a small window into some of the women’s stories.
Here you find the whole article.

“With Mount Etna looming in the distance, Catania boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. In summer, the city draws crowds of tourists, most of whom are unaware that in this season, 2,000 refugees are landing daily on nearby shores. Sixty percent of those arriving in Europe during the first five months of 2016 were…”

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