Funded by the Mediterranean Women’s Fund, the main goal of this project is to improve migrant women’s mental, sexual and reproductive health — the three being closely related. We hope to reach the most vulnerable women with accurate information, including unidentified victims of trafficking and undocumented migrants.

Increased awareness among migrant women about their rights and how to access healthcare services, in particular around mental and sexual/reproductive health will also have a ripple effect on their wider community. As caregivers to their children and wider family, they  will be in a better position to provide for their health. 

We plan to improve upon and expand a project carried out in 2019 with Médecins Sans Frontières Italy, with a series of training and awareness sessions for a group of 20 migrant women. Our work is also informed by our collaboration with the European Network of Migrant Women’s report on migrant women’s mental health.