We held an event entitled ‘Prostitution and Law‘ at the University of Turin on 7th March 2019, where Julie Bindel presented the Italian translation of her book The Pimping of Prostitution and Rachel Moran brought her experience as a survivor, activist and founder of SPACE International. You can watch video clips of their speeches below, or in this playlist on our Youtube channel

Julie Bindel on the ‘managed zone’ in the UK city of Leeds:

Julie Bindel jokes that there are no abolitionists in Italy:

Julie Bindel explains why Italy should not follow the example of Germany when it comes to legislation around prostitution:

Julie Bindel reflects on the idea of creating a prostitution ‘zone’ in Rome:

Rachel Moran tells us about the situation in Germany regarding prostitution:

Rachel Moran tries to explain the truth of the physical and psychological violence inherent to prostitution:


On 27th May 2018 we organised a convention on the sex industry and human trafficking at the Italian Parliament in Rome, where Julie Bindel, Ingeborg Kraus, Rachel Moran and Blessing Okoedion made speeches. The transcriptions of those speeches can be found in English and Italian below:


You can watch video clips of various speeches given during the conference in this playlist on our Youtube channel.