IROKO’s mission is to create and reinforce a culture of human rights and to support solidarity between diverse peoples, cultures and life experiences. IROKO fights against every form of exclusion and marginalization, against racism and xenophobia, by actively struggling for a more humane, equal and democratic society.
IROKO promotes dignified living conditions for all and operates to protect and improve the conditions of life of socially disadvantaged persons, both immigrants and non, suffering from strong social and economic disadvantages. IROKO operates to give voice and visibility to the concrete problems of the aforesaid persons, aimed at making them active participants in the achievement of their economic independence and social inclusion. IROKO operates to change all those situations that reduces socially disadvantaged citizens to a state of material indigence and leaves them in conditions of difficulty. This condition of difficulty is often transformed by social “norms” into a social stigma.
IROKO fights to eliminate all forms of violence against women and children, with special attention to the elimination of the trafficking and exploitation of women and children in prostitution and in other areas. IROKO also fights to eradicate all forms of human oppression and the denial of the Human Rights of peoples.